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H&W HD Video Fridays/Dr. Wong/4735 Grafts/One Session/6 Months/Strip


This patient came to see Dr. Wong after having 2000 grafts via FUE. According to the patient he was not happy with his density so he was hoping Dr. Wong could improve his situation in the hairline and temples as well as thicken his crown. Dr. Wong suggested that the temple points be reconstructed as well for a better balance for the patient’s profile. 4735 grafts were transplanted in one session.

The result shown is only six months post-op so more improvement is expected. The patient’s hair is coarse with a wave.

4735 Grafts
1’s - 1195
2’s - 2871
3/4 - 669

H&W HD Video/Dr. Wong/4735 Grafts/One Session/6 Months


I never knew that people can lose hair on the side like that


i was wondering if he is balding on the sides of his head or was that results from his previous 2,000 FUE operation? how old was this guy?

great photos, it’d be easier to compare if Hairsite could maybe put them side by side to avoid scrolling up and down?

seems like a good result though. i’m sure he is happy.


» I never knew that people can lose hair on the side like that

Like what? Are you referring to the temple areas? This is where the previous procedure was performed.


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