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H&W HD Video Fridays/Dr. Hasson/5237 Grafts/18 Months/Strip


This patient came to see Dr. Hasson roughly 18 months ago to receive as much of a cosmetic improvement as possible in one session. 5237 grafts were used to reconstruct the hairline and the frontal half with relatively high density. The crown received no attention but does show improvement with finasteride since he began taking the medication when he had the procedure.

Dr. Hasson/5237 Grafts/One Session/Strip


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Excellent job, just the right amount of hair without going overboard.


His crown actually looks pretty good even though there was nothing done, in my opinion this is near full restoration if you are not too picky :slight_smile:


That is a great looking hairline, very subtle as if he was thinning just a tad on the left temple, good work Dr. Hasson!


Another great H&W transplant.

What is the average number of FU that it is possible to remove in a single session??