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GREY HAIR turning back to BLACK from Iodine, Selenium, Tyrosine and L-Methionine


Check out this link for pictures of one of the follicles with black roots.

The grey out part is on the left and the root /black part is on the right side.

I’ve had other hairs with even darker black roots. But this gives you an idea.

Over the last month I have seen over 30 hair follicles who roots were black again. I plucked them out to find the roots black. So grey hair can reverse back to your original color. Don’t let anyone say otherwise to you.

I was taking several things for this to happen with the top 3 being the most important: (it took about 4-6 weeks to see results)

  1. Iodine 200mg/day (start of at 50mg if you have never taken
  2. Selenium 2000mcg/day or 2mg
  3. Tyrosine 3000mg/day
  4. Vitamin C 2000mg/day split in 2 dosages
  5. Sea Salt 1/2 teaspoon a day
  6. Niacin 200mg/day
  7. B-Complex 100 1 tablet
  8. L-Methionine 2000mg/day split in 2 dosages
  9. Resveratrol
  10. Alpha Lipoic Acid-R 250mg/day

These 3 help the thyroid and also other cells of the body to assimilate Iodine much better. I am not taking the Recommended daily allowance of 150 micrograms. That is a total f-raud being perpetrated on us. I take over 100 milligrams a day without any side effects. The last 3 days I have been taking over 400 milligrams. Taking high dosages of Iodine takes out halogens such as Fluoride, Bromide and Chlorine that accumulates in your body. All of us have Fluoride and Bromide in our bodies. Our water is fluoridated here in the US. That is poison in your body. Makes sense to get it out.

Your body needs both Iodine and Iodide. There are many formulas that you can buy which contain both of those things together.

Selenium is the major component of the glutathione anti oxdiant that is produced by the body. Again, the RDA amount is 200mcg Yet I comfortably take 2000mcg or 2 mg a day without any side effects.

Tyrosine is a must because it is needed for melanin production and to help the Iodine be absorbed.

Also, Vitamin C and Sea Salt helps to detox out all the halogens such as bromide and Fluoride that the Iodine displaces. You need these two to help the body handle the detox.

The other things I take are high dosage Niacin. The kind with the flush. The other kinds with no flush are useless and don’t help the body with anything. Start low if you aren’t use to Niacin flushes. 50mg amounts should be ok. Also take after a meal. Than over a few weeks, buildup your dosage.

I can easily take 200mg/day without any flush now. I use to get them a lot. They feel good when I do. Nothing to be afraid of. I am lowering my bad cholesterol and increasing blood flow. Niacin is also a co factor needed by the body to properly utilize Iodine and also to produce energy.

Resveratrol and L-Methionine have helped to I believe. The L-methionine has been proved to reduce the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the human scalp. The increased amount of hydrogen peroxide causes increased free radical damage and oxidation stress. The L-Methionine reduces that.

Not to mention that taking Iodine and Selenium will guard you AGAINST ALL INFECTIONS. The Ill-um-inati government here in the US is busy spraying our skies with chem-trails and d-angerous chemicals. They are forcing flu vaccinations and other kinds on children and everyone else which contain
Allah knows what and also thimerosol-which contains mercury, the second most poisonous substance on the planet. Iodine detoxes out the mercury and other heavy metals as well. The increasingly genetically engineered flu virus strains and other diseases being spread require you to be fully aware of what helps and what doesn’t. Don’t go get a flu- shot, they are DESIGNED TO K-ILL YOU AND MAKE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WEAKER. when you see a pandemic breakout, the your mind controlled instinct will tell you to go get a flu- shot, although that is what causes the outbreak or makes it more severe by weakening your body… resist the mind control media and government and when you see people dying … go start taking LARGE DOSAGES OF Iodine … 200mg/day and higher… I have taken even 500mg/day. And a lot of selenium… 2-5mg a day split in dosages throughout the day. Coupled with up to 5000mg Vitamin C in dosages every 4 hours (since your body excretes it) and you will beat any d-eadly strain they through at us.

If you have these two things at the minimum in your body in adequate amounts, YOU CANNOT GET SICK. So not just good for your hair, but when the hair is turning back to black that is a sign that the oxidative and free radical stress on your body is lessening… and that is very good for the body’s immune system.


You’re peddling a bit of scientific nonsense. Flu shots are designed to kill us? By who?

I’ve had a flu shot the last two years and was spared the unpleasant experience of going through the flu.

I suppose that by taking large doses of sea salt, it will lead to high blood pressure?


lol… you are dangerously stupid and borderline insane…

also, please tell us more about your semen regimin. Are you going to be selling your semen in your webshop as well?


He’s STILL not admitted to setting up that website & ebay account to peddle cures he was pumping in this forum.


Selenium good or bad?

They did a study showing selenium increasing pgd2 in macrophages and lowering pge2 levels.



Your body needs Selenium. So it’s good. It is an essential mineral without which the bodies major anti oxidant called glutathione cannot be produced.

The PGD2 approach is not going to ever work. I know the real cause of hair loss but I cant divulge that at the moment.


The link states that Reactive Oxygens species or simply put free radicals INCREASE with lower levels of Selenium. Free Radicals are what cause premature aging, cancer, disease ,hair loss to an extent etc.

So Selenium and other anti oxidants such ash Alpha Lipoic Acid combat that.


» The PGD2 approach is not going to ever work. I know the real cause of hair
» loss but I cant divulge that at the moment.
- poster ‘Boyinhtown’

LOL suuure you do! let me guess: is it the lack of semen on our heads? or some kind of allergic reaction to wearing a freaking tshirt?

look dipshït, noone gives a cräp abt your fake blog or insane theories… go promote your webshop somewhere else, you disgusting creep


i’m guessing the real cure involves visiting a website you setup to purchase some snakeoil.


there is no way you are taking 200mg iodine and 2000mcg of selenium and you’re still alive. You must have made a typo


@Texas Ham… no there is no typo. What I wrote is correct.

I easily have taken 2000-4000 micrograms of Selenium a day.

Today I took 1000 milligrams. of Potassium Iodide.

Mostly thought I take 200-400milligrams.

Why would you die by taking more than what the big pharma and government tell us?

No, these are natural vitamins and minerals and to have toxic effects from them you literally have to take bottles and bottles in one dose.

Its interesting that you question if this is possible because that is exaclty the reason we are in a this massive health crisis from abnormal hair loss and greying of hair to cancer and other infections spreading like wildfire. Also the massive increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autism etc… all inked to oxidative stress and the vaccinations and drugs they shove down out throats and bodies.

So there is nothing to be ‘afriad’ of by taking high dosage supplements. I am living proof. What you should be afraid of is getting vaccinations and taking synthetic man made drugs that ARE INORGANIC and not made for your human body.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Boyinhtown[/postedby]

» So there is nothing to be ‘afriad’ of by taking high dosage supplements. I
» am living proof. What you should be afraid of is getting vaccinations and
» taking synthetic man made drugs that ARE INORGANIC and not made for your
» human body.[/quote]

omg :rotfl:

i’d like to hear how you explain why vaccinations have gotten rid of entire diseases such as hepatitis A, polio, typhus, etc? You really ought to try reading a book every once in a while bro. Just to balance out the information that you seem to be getting from your random conspiracy websites.


I guess putting aluminum found in Tetanus shots and Mercury found in flu shots as the CDC admits is perfectly normal?

Hmmm no wonder are country is headed down the drain with morons like this guy who advocate intentionally putting heavy metals that are highly toxic and poisonous into the human body.

I mean how dumb do you have to be?? Pathetic


What makes you think I live in your country? I DON’T.

Also, aluminum is a non-toxic metal. Studies have shown that body accumulation of aluminum only occurs in patients with impaired kidney function. For everyone else aluminum is not a toxic metal.

mercury is only toxic at high levels and you must also differentiate between ethyl and methylmercury. The latter of which is a lot more toxic, as it is harder for the body to excrete.

What you seem to be referring to is thimerosal which is an ethylmercury-based preservative which prevents growth of fungi and bacteria. It has proven to be easily excretable and non-toxic at low dosages (as found in vaccines) in safety trials.

You are simply a stupid dumbäss to be telling people not to get themselves vaccined. Luckily Darwinism rids this world of irrational people like you pretty efficiently.

Now go make some more topless shots of your disgustingly hairy torso…

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Boyinhtown[/postedby]

» I guess putting aluminum found in Tetanus shots and Mercury found in flu
» shots as the CDC admits is perfectly normal?
» Hmmm no wonder are country is headed down the drain with morons like this
» guy who advocate intentionally putting heavy metals that are highly toxic
» and poisonous into the human body.
» I mean how dumb do you have to be?? Pathetic[/quote]


I saw the freezer burn marks on the back of your head, assuming that is what they were in pic from your cryotherapy, so I know you are likely very dedicated to this and open to new ideas.

In regards to the supplement regimen above, I have not researched the role of the entire formula, just parts of it, in hair loss, so I could not adequately comment at this time.

However, your Cryotherapy experiment, I did not see the final results posted, please at your convenience share as it would be appreciated, particularly if you have final pics of the head areas treated. Even if no hair was impacted, it would be interesting to see from a dermatological perspective the final impact on the tissue and recovery etc…


@ Boyinhtown

just so you know - selenium has an extremely long half life. Your daily dose of 2000 mcg alone will remain in your body for over a year!

Seriously, there is such thing as selenium toxicity. What do you think is the upper limit for that? I’m quite sure you will reach it soon



What did happen with the cryotherapy? I know people gave you a hard time but to this day that is the only explanation I have heard for why someone could lose hair on top but not on the sides. This really is the key to figuring this thing out and the only response you ever hear is “know one really knows”. I know I am thinning where my scalp is hardest and not where it is soft (I have a soft ridge across the top of my head). My roommate has a ton of hair and his head is really soft. not a good sample size I know but I think its worth it to bring back up the discussion. hopefully in a more constructive manor.


Hey Omar…thanks for your support and curiosity.
I want to say that I actually do KNOW THE REASON FOR HAIR LOSS. But I want release it yet. The reason is there is a certain class of receptors that are JUST FOUND ONLY WHERE WE LOSE OUR HAIR. On the top crown and back of the head and frontal scalp… This is a mechanism that is genetically in our scalp and has to do with controlling the bodies certain features. They serve an important purpose. That is why hair on the side or near the neck isn’t affected. I can tell you it is not elevated DHT that causes the hair loss. That has been a false propaganda.

Next the reason this receptor stops working properly and gets desensitized is because of the lack of correct steroid hormone production which increased tremendously during and after puberty. During this process, certain errors and over production or lack of production of certain hormones kicks in due to various factors such as environment, diet, and genetics. Gene expression can be changed by outside factors, its called epigenetics. So nothing is set in stone.

To sum it up, basically your body starts premature aging and their hair loss not just on the scalp BUT ALL OVER THE BODY. ON YOUR LEGS, ARMS, ETC… People with hair loss notice that their leg hair starts thinning. That is another factor that connects us to the receptor I am talking about. This receptor is located all over the human body, not just the scalp. Haven’t you seen how bald men usually have very sparse leg hair, especially depending upon the severity of their scalp hair loss. The more shinier the scalp, the more hairless are the legs. That is arthrosclerosis setting in, which is basically as mentioned on wikipeadia: “condition in which an artery wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of fatty materials such as cholesterol and triglyceride. It is a syndrome affecting arterial blood vessels, a chronic inflammatory response in the walls of arteries, caused largely by the accumulation of macrophage white blood cells and promoted by low-density lipoproteins (LDL, plasma proteins that carry cholesterol and triglycerides) without adequate removal of fats and cholesterol from the macrophages by functional high-density lipoproteins (HDL) (see apoA-1 Milano). It is commonly referred to as a hardening or furring of the arteries. It is caused by the formation of multiple plaques within the arteries.” That partially explains the hardening of the scalp where there is hair loss. The other parts of the scalp remains ‘soft’ as you mentioned.

That is why hair loss starts basically after 18 or 20… when your puberty is all but done…

But… with such utter disrespect and just plain vindictiveness shown by few of the board members here… I feel disgusted. Like you stated, whether I froze my scalp or did any other thing, instead of paying attention to the experiment these people just have so much free time to make fun of someone.

What a bunch of weird people … but that is why I will not name the receptor or the steroid hormones that play an intricate part in balding. My experiment is continuing with GREAT RESULTS. Every week my hair is looking thicker and unlike most other people I am posting pictures regularly and even videos. I actually plan to purchase a high definition video camera and digital camera. The HD Video Camera will be over $1500 so a very good quality. Some people have suggested I will put concealer on and than post pictures. How pathetic.

Once these people apologize to me perhaps than I will share the great research I have done. There is a reason that I have the highest most viewed post on Hairsite with over 28,000 views! And the next 10 top threads on hairsite I have like 5 of those top spots… there is a reason for that. I actually conduct experiments which are result oriented and think outside the box. That is the key to solving hair loss. And for the record, Semen does contain Prostaglandin F2a which is what Latiss contains!!! Yet many of the people here made fun of that as well. Latisse, Minoxidil and Propecia share a certain same feature in that they reduce one key component in the body that causes hair loss. That again, I will not mention until I feel like its the right time. If only these people knew how far ahead I have come in my research. And I am not just talking… I am seeing results! on my scalp and the rest of my body.


Omar, to answer your questions about Cryotherapy, it DIDN’T HELP. There is a whole reason for it but again, I don’t want to give away anything just yet.


What exactly is giving you those results? Iodine/Selenium etc. combo?

You didn’t respond to my selenium bit. One 2000 mcg dose will actually last in your body for over a year - this is true. What you’re doing is very very very dangerous if long term.