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Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish


I have given up on BHT as largely hype so far and unsuitable at the moment for the vast majority of us, I have spent over 2 years looking at the progress (or should I say relative non-progress) of BHT. It is good that doctors are trying and there do seem to be rare partial successes, but I do not think they are getting very far in general and that is from somebody who was pinning his hopes on it working. I do not really want to get into the details here, if you really want my opinion in detail you can search for my name – which is the same across all forums. Maybe one day things will change – who knows?

Anyway, once I had made up my mind and abandoned hopes about the current state of BHT I decided to get another consult on my virgin scalp HT.

I chose the BHR clinic because of Dr Bisanga and I chose him because he fulfilled my criteria:

FUE is all I was interested in as I knew I could never hope to get full coverage at a decent density and if you cannot get that the Strip scar severely limits your options with regard to the buzz cut – so I think you end up with the worst of all worlds.
Dr Bisanga uses 0.75mm extraction tools successfully, increasing the chance of getting a good resulting donor area.
The people I trust all had good things to say about him, ethically and professionally.
I was very impressed with the results (both yield and donor area) he has shown on the net.
The ability to to 1,000 FUE a day, the body does not want to go through too many days of operating.
There was no problem getting to see previous satisfied customers.
Secondary considerations were that being in Brussels he was easy for me to get to and his prices were OK.

Anyway, he and his co-worker Philb gave me the truth, which is that even though my FUE wishes are limited, even that is hopelessly unachievable with my donor area.
BTW, they did not charge me for the consultation, even though I dragged them into the office on a weekend and I offered to do so (because them telling me the truth meant I had screwed up their weekend for no possible future remuneration) – quite impressive.
I liked them personally and I am arrogant enough to think I am quite a good judge of character.

This leaves me with no options as HM is not here and I would need to see 3/5 year results before I would even consider it anyway (imagine how bad it would be if you got all your hair back and 2 years later it all fell out again? What about cancer – who knows?).

For the record if I were going for Strip I would definitely have a consult with Hasson and Wong, and Dr Bisanga and Dr Wolf.
If I wanted FUE and did not want to travel outside America I would definitely have a consult with Larry Leonard of GHI.

I have benefited from these forums over the last 5 years, they stopped me from “going for it” without being fully informed and meant I avoided a huge mistake on more than one occasion. I am sure I have missed out loads of people but I would particularly like to thank, in alphabetical order:

Balloonman, Eternal Hope, Peter Mac and SamsonUK.

I have played all the cards I have to play, unfortunately when it comes to hair I was in Bridge terms dealt a Yarborough :slight_smile: It has over the years of researching been quite a hard thing to deal with but in some games the only right option is not to play.

I will look in occasionally to see how developments are going and will respond if I see the posts and I feel that I need to do so.

To newbie’s, be aware of the cheerleading and DO YOUR RESEARCH ! Do not assume somebody is necessarily telling you things that are in your best interest. There are some who will spoon feed you sh*t if you let them…

Good luck to everybody.



Does Dr. Bisgana do the whole procedure himself ?



Best of luck and please keep us posted.