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Good video on all the major hair cloning players in 2020

Great video, if disheartening. He predicts another 5-7 year wait, and that even then only the rich will be able to afford it.

The video is very complete but he said a few things in there which I don’t trust completely.

Regarding Stemson Therapeutics, I’d like to get an interview with Dr. Terskhiy.

I think one of the big things holding up these treatments in the regulatory process is that most regulators like the FDA will NOT be favorable to any treatment that can create new follicles, and then insert them in the skin in a way where they grow in all different directions. So you can have a procees that clones great follicles from cells in the lab, but if you can’t implant them correctly in with the proper alignment that looks like a natural head of hair, they probably will not think the treatment is ready for the consumer market.

I no longer expect cure in our lifetime. I’m looking for something more realistic.

Grafting fat seems to have a positive effect also. https://www.dovepress.com/autologous-adipose-transplantation-an-effective-method-to-treat-alopec-peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-CCID Although this case wasn’t MPB, I’d be interested to know if it would help.

Here’s a new article about a topical solution made of fat cell excretions that looks effective. All of the other treatments involving fat cells or fat cell secretions are an INJECTABLE and the injectables have a few big problem - if you inject the actual fat-cells once they’re injected they rapidly migrate out of the target area and if you inject the fat-cell secretions instead that’s a clinical procedure that would require a medical professional so you would only be able to do it now and then. For these reasons a daily topical solution (of these secretions) would be better since you yourself would be able to apply the secretions to your scalp every day at home. The subjects only applied the topical solution a few months and it was modestly beneficial. Longer use might be more effective. Can we get this stuff -

@jarjarbinx In theory, that may be effective… and since they’re natural secretions, the daily dosage might not be limited so people could use enough for it to work. would like to see some solid results, though.

The results might be better if people used it longer than they did in the study. This topical almost looks like a dream come true.

really great video brother

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