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Going Backwards Again. Acell is Nothing but 2008 Snake Oil


» first off, you should always delete the above post when you reply or you
» have pages of stuff before people can see your little dopey response, being
» as smart as everyone out there makes themselves seem, they should realize
» that.
» anyway, the fanatical posters and repliers in here should seriously look
» into working in the political arena because they are very good at shifting
» the topic. Look at the fat tub of lard Karl Rove, bald, fat, stupid, short,
» near sighted and chief of staff for president bush.
» so before all the freaks, fanatics and losers jack the thread again, has
» anyone seen acell produce a single hair? the answer is no! thats the
» points, so hopefully the acell people will get the picture and stop ruining
» the forum for normal people like me who come here for updates and
» information on hard science clinical trials.

I do agree with the last part of this in that i would like to see more updates and info.

However i dont mind seeing people try out new things and having a bit of belief in new products.

What i do hate is the amount of bitching that goes on! It completely distracts from the issues at hand!

The moto for this forum should be - wait and see!!! Because if we are being honest a lot of it is out of our hands! Follica and Intercytex will happen in its own time! Results from Acell will come from Dr Jones at some point soon and then we can see the outcome from that!

Nothing wrong with trying stuff at home if you want!If you dont like it then keep it to yourself or voice it on here but do it in a way that doesnt insult people!

End of the day we are all in the same boat! Although i have a feeling a few people want to throw others overboard!