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Global Quality Award 2015- Dr. A\'s Clinic


Global Quality Award 2015 for Quality Health Care Services received by Ms. Bharti Poswal (Director), on behalf of Dr. A’s Clinic (Hair Restoration Centre) by renowned Bollywood Actress Karishma Kapoor.


I am happy for Dr. A but at the same time it is also meaningless unless we know on what basis are these awards determined.


Congrats Dr Arvind.:slight_smile:

It also nice to see Bharti madam with karishma kapoor.

I am big fan of karishma kapoor , and like her movie “Raja Hindustani” a lot.



Hii NeverAgain…

Global Quality Awards have been instituted not only to promote quality in business and services industries but also to showcase the organisations that are committed to the growth of Indian industries.

The concept has been developed and is being supported by the pioneers who are behind some of the immensely successful business entities in advertising, PR and corporate communications including companies like Sticwel Advertising, Creativizt Communications, Brands Academy among several others!

The basis of their award are as follows…

Quality standardisation
They publish recommended quality standards to be pursued by various busineses and service organisations.

Quality research
They regularly research consumer behaviour and study their perception of what consitutes quality in different domains.

Quality promotion
They identify and honour the brands,products and organisations comitted to delivering the highest quality.

To know more details about “Global Quality Award”, You can follow the link below



couldn’t be more vague what it is that they are rewarding


I would like to say that , in last few years Dr A’s Clinic is successful to touch bollywood celebrities.

Shivaji Satam , Alok Nath, Virendra Saxena are the bollywood actor , those get hair transplant from Dr A’s clinic.

At present, CID is the most famous serial of Shivaji Satam running on TV channel…

Its my vision , that in coming next 5 years , Dr A’s clinic will also touch Hollywood actors.

It is noticed that in last 10 years hair transplant industry scenario is totally changed. A lot of hair websites came into picture, where all the Good Doctors and patients are integrated to a single platform and a healthy competitive environment is created for the coming doctors.

I am thankful to hairsite.com , for integrating all Good doctors from all over the world on their website. As i also follow other hair websites, but its true that, always hairsite.com is my first choice to open. Reason behind that , website structure is simple and user friendly.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by hair101[/postedby]
couldn’t be more vague what it is that they are rewarding[/quote]

In simple words, they research patient satisfaction and the quality of the services offered. There is nothing vague about that.


Link doesn’t work http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://globalqualityawards.com/