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GHI, please post magnified photo of donor area



I don’t know if you had a chance to see my request in the original thread:

Can you post or email me a larger photo of the patient who is known as Steve K on your web site? I’m very interested in looking at a larger photo of “6 Weeks After Clean Shaven” http://www.globalhairinstitute.com/article.asp?ID=61 and 1 year after.

The photos of Steve K you posted were exactly what I was looking for in my original post but they are too small. In order to make an informed decision I would like to take a look at 1:1 ratio photo. If it is too big, please, let me know and I’ll provide you with my email address.

Thank you


We will post additional photos of Steve K. tomorrow.


Here is a collage of photos for Steve K’s donor 6 months after his second procedure. We have harvested more than 4000 grafts. If you need any additional photos please do not hesitate to ask.