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FUSS (Scar) vs FUE (No Scar)


(Hi Guys,

I just wanted to show you the difference in the two procedures in terms of the donor area.
I had my 2nd procedure with Dr Armani on Wednesday & this time it was an FUE procedure.

The FUE procedure was so much better in terms of pain & healing (so far) - I have taken over 150 photos since being back in my room, but I forgot to pack my cable which connects my phone to a laptop & therefore will post the rest when im home on Tuesday.

I would 1000% recommend FUE over FUSS because of the advantages & also the less pain & faster healing.

Here is a photo that was taken by one of the team at Alvi Armani when I went for my clean up on day 1.

Even tho my scar doesnt bother me that much… when seeing this photo I do wish I had held out a few more years to have FUE for my 1st procedure, but the result I had changed my life, so the good massively outweighed the 1 bad point - The Scar.


Ouch, I am sorry but every time I see a scar like this it makes my crawl, do you feel anything when you touch that scar?


Hi Craig,

Absolutely no pain whatsoever but its just the image… Oviously I have only ever had my hair shaved down like this twice in my life…

The 1st was to see what I looked like with a shaved head before deciding to have a transplant.

The 2nd was this week when having my FUE procedure…

You can see this donor pic below that the scar isnt visible when the hair is at a grade 5 length:


Hi Dan, that is a great result!

I think that thise pics are so educational. They show the impact of such a scar which is quite minimal at the length you keep your hair.

You did not mention how many FUE grafts you had. Could you let us know?


Hi Marco,

I had 2027 FUE grafts during my 2nd procedure… I will be home on Tuesday & will document the entire experiece… I took over 150 photos since I have been in exile in my room…
I will cover everything in my thread which will be up in a few days.




Looks similar to mine Dan, looks like your scar stretched a tad more then mine did.


» Looks similar to mine Dan, looks like your scar stretched a tad more then
» mine did.

Yeh probably due to the fact that I was pumping out heavier weights than you could lol!! :smiley:

No in all seriousness I should of waited longer before lifting weights again but still - I dont think its the worst scar from a donor area & its never visible when my hair is at its normal length etc.


Did Armani regularly peform Tricho closure?