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Funny Acell Story (Not Groundbreaking News)


So I’ve been emailing a couple of docs about Acell, and by chance my email happened to reach the receptionist at a skin care clinic. Anyway, the receptionist thought I was an Acell representative for some reason, and emailed me a bunch of questions and a request to try the Acell product for laser resurfacing / acne scars. The receptionist cc’ed her doctor, a dermo, who herself sends me another email wanting to have a phone hookup! Apparently she was quite impressed with what she saw on the site.

Anyway whilst it has nothing to do with hair loss, I just thought it interesting that there is so much interest in this product. Aesthetic medicine is a very competitive industry (in fact it is the highest growth segment in medicine by a long way) and it is good to see that doctors are hungry to get a competitive advantage.

I’m hopeful that HT docs will have the same enthusiasm. I’ve not heard back from any of them yet though.


Great news Leonard…even though its not for hairloss…its shows what getting this info out to the right people can do…also shows that we are going to have get this news out…:slight_smile: