FUE Procedure Outcome: 2400 Grafts at HDC Hair Clinic

A 30-year-old individual presented with temple recession and frontal hairline thinning. Seeking an optimal resolution, the patient consulted with HDC Hair Clinic and Dr. Maras. The characteristic of the patient’s curly, coarse hair allowed the HDC Medical Team to effectively cover the entire area of thinning using only 2400 grafts. This strategic approach resulted in a nice integration with the patient’s naturally dense hair.

In the process, we preserved a portion of the patient’s original hair, while enhancing the hairline with finely distributed grafts to augment density and ensure a natural appearance. The transplanted hair had full growth and blended with his existing hair, due to precise angulation and pattern of placement.

Just also note that the donor area had a rapid recovery within a mere four days.

The overall result showcases the natural-looking density and hairline, validating the success of the procedure.