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FUE Patient Threads?


Why we do not have patients initiating their FUE procedure threads anymore?

We use to have patient initiating their threads and keep us updating from day 1 of their procedure to almost 6-8 months or sometimes over a year.

What we see now is directly the results and that too ONLY good results from the clinic reps. This only tells us the one side of the story. Only the procedures that delivered the results. Procedures NOT delivering the results will never show up?

Can we encourage people here to start their own threads and take us through their HT journey (especially with FUE)?

What you guys think?


I agree, it’s always nice when patients help others out and document their cases, it really helps in others making their decisions.

2sar, in the past month or so there have been a few Armani patients who have documented their FUE cases: