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FUE OR FUT Hair Transplant which is Better


FUE procedure

FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure where the hair follicles are grafted with the help of a micro punch. It leaves no linear scars and it is thought to be the best surgical treatment for hair loss. Benefits are:

  • Less scarring
  • Cost effective
  • Less or no pain
  • Permanent natural results

FUT procedure

It is where the surgeon obtains hair follicles by extracting a strip of hair from the donor area (back of the scalp or sides). He and his team dissect it to achieve individual hair follicles that are implanted into the small incisions in the recipient area. Benefits are;

  • Consumes less time
  • More hair grafts are attained easily

Natural and permanent results


FUT is Follicular unit transplantation also known as strip excision method in which hairs are extracted in a strip from the donor area and are transplanted to a bald area. FUT is the old method used for hair transplantation. It results in the natural and permanent result but left scarring at the donor area.

With Advancement in the technology, new technique emerges know as FUE (Follicular unit extraction).In both FUT and FUE hair transplant method hairs are transplanted from the donor area to recipient area except the way of extraction is different and hence the level of scarring. FUE results in minimal scarring.


In the right hands either procedure can be a success. Depends on the surgical protocol of the surgeon and if they use less than optimal tools and extraction and incision methods. Also, the amount of anesthesia or scalp freeze they use can also cause an issue. If they aggressively implant in between hairs or etc. lots of factors, but if all these issues are eliminated then the chances for a great result is probably higher.


I have said for many years, that a good strip is better than a bad FUE.

I have seen , extremely rarely since 1989, “pencil thin” strip or FUT scars.

There would be close to a million guys around the world who were told that the scar will be pencil thin, but as most unfortunately know , this is not the case.

So how do doctors get away with it ??..its in the legal disclaimer, among other sneaky ways of covering their butts for pits, dents, bad angulation, poor yield , scalp shock etc etc etc

On many occasions over the years, when patients are shopping around, I always tell them that after they are told about pencil scars, FUE superiority etc by a Doctor or consultant ALWAYS ask to see the disclaimer before paying a deposit or making any commitment , so they can mull over it for a week or two.

I predict to the patient that the Dr or consultant will rummage through the drawers , and say words to the effect " I can’t seem to find one right now…"

The truth is that what was told is 'NEGATED" by the disclaimer often signed on the day of surgery.

Now strictly speaking, this can be challenged here in Australia, as not enough time was allowed to digest the risks etc and some patients have successfully sued the doctor.

If the procedure was done overseas, because of globalisation , exposing on social media is risky, even if the patient is the victim for it is they who will get sued. …an unholy alliance between doctors and lawyers…[ who wooda funk it ?] Or if they have the time money and patience to spend months in a foreign country fighting the legal system and the disclaimer…then good luck…therefore nobody does it…and the clinic knows it.

Dr Ray Woods


Good point, something to consider before traveling overseas for a hair transplant.


Except to The Woods Technique…of course

Dr Woods


FUE is better. No pain, no bleeding and actually gives good results. I did my hair transplant a couple months ago at Megahair Trans over in istanbul. FUE is really good here is me before and after the FUE


Both hair transplant technique have various success result. Both method are effective but FUE hair transplant can called a better technique because , In this method you have no pain or less pain, you get very natural hair for permanent and FUE hair transplant also cost effective.


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