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Fue Megasession?


» Point taken, but I could not disagree with you more if I tried. The 20’s
» thru early 50’s are “formative” years when you are attracting females,
» going for job promotions and forming relationships. These are the years of
» your life that you NEED to look and FEEL your best and most confident.
» After the age of 60, most are winding down their careers and looking to
» retirement. While confidence and looks may seem important at this time,
» they really are not. Most will have been married for twenty or more yaers
» and most will have grown children. While jokes about “baldie” grandpa are
» dinner table fodder, they really don’t mean all that much since most of
» “grandpa’s” contemporaries are also balding or bald. If you “read into” my
» post that I believe that life ends at 60, you are most certainly incorrect.
» The bottom line is that most of those who criticize Dr. Armani’s work are
» either those who can’t afford it, those who are very envious and bitter or
» those who just like to criticize those who have things that they do not or
» cannot attain.

You’re right, I am envious of the results, and I certainly can’t afford those types of treatments. Having said that, being financially limited made me slightly smarter with my money. My older, European neighbour used to say “even stupid people know how to spend money”; I think those were sound words of advice worth applying to any decision… even a lifetime of pricey surgeries.

Regarding your age comments. I guess we’ll have this conversation again when we hit our 60s.



» I agree wholeheartedly. Many of those Armani results look exceptional NOW,
» but those patients will be cursing his name if they don’t have a successful
» regime OR if we don’t find a cure for hairloss in the near future. Let’s
» face it, these people went to Armani because they’re balding, and surgery
» won’t change that fact. They were balding before the surgery, and they’ll
» continue balding after… only now with a greatly diminished donor supply.

Please take a look at my case. Dr. Armani restored my hairline, zone 2 and 3 and now the crown with my two surgeries. I am very happy with my results and they great thing is, DR. Armani planned for my long term balding as well as my short term. We discussed how I will be 10 - 15 years down the road before I ever had a single graft moved. We discussed how my donor would be used, graft placement, what density I could achieve and what would be left to address other areas if thinning continued. Take a look at my donor after my 2 surgeries, I have plenty of donor left for a third surgery if needed to address future thinning.


» » It looks like mixed of bags.
» » Few Happy Patients, a lot of unhappy patients.
» »
» » what is the truth about fue megasession?
» I was probably one of the first FUE megasession patients ever.
» The results where overwelming compared to my previous strip operation.
» At our institute we took years to evolve from smaller sessions to FUE
» megasessons. FUE megassesions dont come easy, it takes enourmous
» dedication and daily practice.
» Let there be no mistake about a few things :
» - There is no such thing as a fox negative patient (patient who supposedly
» are not suited to have FUE)
» - FUE in the hands of experts (not the docs who do it just once or twice a
» week) will give you the same result as a well done strip surgery.
» - FUE is FAR FAR less invasive for the patients
» - Any FUE performed with 1 mm punches or larger are no longer considered
» state of the art. 0,6-0,8 mm are used by the true experts
» - FUE in the hands of experts produce consistant results
» - FUE megasessions will yield same number of grafts as an average size
» strip surgery. For people with poor laxity FUE will be able to produce far
» more grafts than with strip.
» :slight_smile:

Are you saying that your clinic has more results than Dr. Shapiro? This .6 or 1mm size difference is way too confusing. What’s the width of the various grafts? Also, How long have you been using this ,6 assuming it is .6mm?


» Are you saying that your clinic has more results than Dr. Shapiro? This
» .6 or 1mm size difference is way too confusing. What’s the width of the
» various grafts? Also, How long have you been using this ,6 assuming it is
» .6mm?

Dr. Ilter has been using the 0,6 mm for about 1,5 years now, maybe a bit longer.
There is no doubt it is 0,6 mm

  1. I ordered some of his punches
  2. people where allowed to check his instruments and its size during the ESHRS a couple of weeks ago. There are no patents or trade secrets surrounding dr. Ilter, he is a firm FUE believer. He did perform some strip surgeries in the beginning of his HT carreer, but found this procedure too invasive compared to other methods (FUE).

Blond Scandinavians
OK, dr. Ilter lives in Sweden and therefore gets mostly blond patients. Blond patients tend to have thinner grafts and this might explain why he prefers to use the 0,6 mm punch, getting 1,2 and 3 hair grafts. He uses a 0,7 mm in some cases when he feels the grafts are too big.

Any doc can contact dr. ILter for FUE training


» I wonder what Hasson and Wong would say in response to this.

Why woud you care what Hasson and Wong think? They are so behind in FUE it’s not even funny.


I just had my first FUE procedure of 3500+ grafts with Dr.Sara Armani. I just can’t put in words how satisfied I am with the whole procedure. If anyone is looking for a great FUE doctor deffinetly Armani is the way to go. Pat these links of FUE results you posted look very good.