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Fue into hairline recovery timeline


I know everyone is different, but a generalization would be nice i.e(

day 1-4

day 4-10



It depends on what you mean by “recovery time” plus how big a session you are having.

If you are talking about being able to resume your day-to-day activities, yes, you can return to pretty much any activities in 1-4 days, assuming that there is no swelling.

However, if you are talking about when you can go out without anyone noticing that you had a hair transplant, you will need at least 2-3 weeks. That’s how long it takes for the scabs to fall out and the redness to disappear.


I think Hairsite nailed it. It depends on what you mean by healed. I was back to work 5 days after my procedure, I was feeling good.


I think it depends on the individual but whether you have strip or fue you could go back to work the very next day, neither procedure disables you. At HDC we have patients that have their procedure on a Friday and back at work on Monday even from abroad!


Jbbreese, I would say it depends on how much work you are having done, but most importantly the size of the punch. Here is a link to my pictures to give you an idea of healing times.


It would also depend, are you having a shaving session or non shaving session?