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FUE Hair Transplant Results - Patient BBV - Dr. Cole - 2717 grafts


So if I understood well this is 6 months result correct?, in any case I would be happy with a result like that, congrats to the patient and the clinic :clap: :wink:


Good question, Wes. We did shave the entire head eventually prior to starting the procedure. I do the cutting in phases. We will either shave or do a no-shaven or unshaven procedure. When I work up a patient, I like to shave the head gradually rather than all at once so I can better plan the treatment we are going to provide in each session. As you note, this would be a ridiculous hairstyle to live with following a transplant.


Yes, this is a six-month result. I think we can post some immediately after surgery photos. There is no question that my cytokine rich plasma speeds up results and improves yields.


For 6 months the result looks excellent, the additional improvement in the next months will put the ice on the cake, well done.


High Escar. How have you been?


Hi doctor, everything goes well :+1:, cannot complain :wink:

Best regards


Video is available:


Super-Fast CRP, ACell, Follicle Stem Cell - 2717-Graft FUE Hair Transplant Result

His hair looks great! I want to know more how follicle stem cell is extracted and delivered. Can follicle stem cell be done alone without FUE?


How long did the whole process last for this guy? Can something like this be done in half a day at your clinic for 2000 grafts plus CRP , Acell, Follicle stem cell or does it have to be scheduled over several days?


Hi. It looks great. I have a question about your patient’s operation. Before implanting the follicules, did you shave his hair? Or did you do it with long hair? And do you have extra pictures after the follicules implanted?


Looks great and impressive for sure but the most important question is whether this super fast result be duplicated on other patients?


We are optimistic. We are regularly seeing quicker growth and excellent results when CRP is administered during our FUE procedures. Here is a recent 1915-graft example:


To answer some of your questions, the patient had a fully shaven Cole FUE (CIT), one session and in one day!
I will try to see if we have a photo showing the placement, so stay tuned here.
And yes, you can have a standalone stem cell or CRP procedure and it can be effective too :slight_smile:
Contact us for more details: https://www.forhair.com


:slight_smile: I think we probably both share the same concerns, how many days do we need to take off before we can go back to work without people noticing we had work done.


Bravo! His hair isn’t even see through after this. Amazing. His hair is really fine, yet still you nailed it.


Do you ever visit the NY area?


Dr. Cole offers both a shaven and non-shaven FUE hair transplant procedure. This particular patient decided on the shaven method. Related to the shaven surgery, the time it takes to not draw attention to your scalp post-op varies from patient to patient. Usually 7 to 14 days. Many men with frontal recession and/or thinning in the frontal area are candidates for Dr. Cole’s non-shaven FUE hair transplant method. Those opting for the non-shaven surgery, can usually conceal their donor and recipient areas and return to work the next day without anyone noticing evidence of hair transplant surgery. Dr. Cole is a full-time FUE surgeon and does not offer strip surgery (FUT).


The following is an example of what a non-shaven procedure looks like immediately after surgery. The top left photo shows the grafted area. It had been sprayed with Liposomal ATP, so the hair appears wet immediately after surgery. Once the hair is dry, it can be carefully styled to conceal the grafted area. This particular non-shaven patient had several small procedures over approximately a two year period. According to our patient, his friends, family and business associates only noticed his hair gradually looking a lot better over time.


Our shaven procedure works well for patients who don’t mind a shaved head. A shaven procedure generally takes less time and is often the best option for patients who need a lot of grafts and just want to get the transplant surgery phase in their life over with, ASAP. As I mentioned in a previous post, If you go with a shaven procedure, you may want to schedule your surgery during a 14 day vacation period. This is for aesthetic reasons, not because of pain or discomfort. For many men, the FUE surgery recovery time is nothing. During surgery the most difficult part is sitting still in the chair. For example I have had several surgeries during the day over the years while working at Dr. Cole’s office. I have never required any pain medication and right after surgery I am back at my desk working. I wear a bandana because they are very comfortable and carry on like normal being careful not to bump my head.

-Chuck at Dr. Cole’s office


Here is the patient I posted immediately above who took the gradual non-shaven hair restoration approach. He will have another result in about 6 months because he had more grafts since the bottom photo was taken. One happy patient.


Patient BBV sent us 9.5 months post-op photos, The patient is very excited to see even more growth and thickness added to his remarkable 4.5 results that were posted originally in this post.
Check more photos and videos here: https://www.forhair.com/hair-transplant-patient-photos/patient-bbv/
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