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Forhair Hair Transplant Results - 7.5 Months- Dr. Cole


Procedure: Cole FUE (CIT), non-shaven
Procedure date: October 31, 2016
Number of grafts: 1827
Additional treatments: Sonicated PRP, 70mg of ACell
** The after photos were taken by our patient himself, we compared them with before photos taken at his surgery date.

  • Note: We noticed consistent early growth when we administrate sonicated PRP on the day of hair transplant surgery.


Hi Forhair, looks good, the patient must be very happy. Any chance to see the placement?


Hi Escar, sorry for the late respond. i attach it for you below


Hi mate, thanks for the photos, they confirm the perception when you see the final result, the work made was super fine, good placement and distribution and between the existing hair, good job :thumbsup:


Good result. Can you clarify early growth? How soon after hair surgery can we expect to see early growth? I know every person is different, not going to hold you to it but just want to get an idea.


Yes, it varies but we expect that patient using sonicated PRP should see 80% growth at 3 months, and 99% growth at 4 ½ months.