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Forhair Hair Transplant Atlanta - FUE 2632 Grafts on Norwood 6 - Dr. Cole


Our patient, in the Norwood 6 category, came to us in April of 2016 with a large area of hair loss and miniaturization. Approximately one year ago he received 2632 FUE grafts with Dr. Cole. He returned today, April 19th very happy with his significant improvement to the frontal area. Today he received an additional 1200 FUE grafts bringing his total to 3832.

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That is very good for such a large area, I would be happy to stop right there without the additional 1200. Out of curiosity, where is Dr Cole going to put the additional 1200 ?


That is a good catch, Dr. Cole consistently produce great results with less amount of grafts…this is good for the patient as it reduces the cost and give him the option to return and add more as needed.
The patient had 1200 additional FUE grafts mostly in his crown and middle scalp, he was Norwood 6 and had a large area of baldness, per his wish we build a plan to cover each area at a time.