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Follicept failure?


I’m not 100% sure but it appears to be shaping up that Follicept is a failure.


The 9 week images of the test subject on their site show no real difference compared with the initial images of his crown. But I never expected this to work.


It’s starting to look like you’re right about Follicept. I never did have high confidence in it. I thought there was a slim chance that it might work but now I’m at the threshold of writing it off.

That aside, what do you think about SM05445? I feel a little better about SM05445 than I ever did about Follicept. When Follicept first started I thought there was about a 1% chance it would be beneficial and now I feel even worse about it. But right now I feel like there’s about a 10% chance that SM05445 might be beneficial.

Some of the things that encourage me about SM05445 are:

  • The company behind it has paid its’ dues to become a primary sponsor. It seems like that is something that a company might do as part of an advertising campaign.

  • Also, they are new to hair loss. Nobody heard of them until they popped up in phase 2 studies recently. They only have this one drug in their hair loss pipeline. If the drug isn’t beneficial then doesn’t it seem like they would not have bothered with securing themselves a position as a primary sponsor of the 2015 HLC?

  • Since they only have this one hair loss drug in development it does seem like if the drug wasn’t producing some benefit the company would kill their 1-drug hair loss treatment program and fall off of the hair research radar. And they may still do exactly that but at the present time they are still moving forward.

  • Their phase 2 study will complete about 1 month before the 2015 Hair loss Congress.