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Flutamide or Spiro-Cream (need advice)


Hi guys,

I am a new member of your great forum. That’s why I first want to introduce myself: i am 26 years, a norwood ~2-3 and take 1mg Proscar/day since 2005.

My main problem is a constant high hairloss rate (100-150 hairs/day)which is even increasing within the last month.

That’s why I am searching for a topical, which may help me to decrease the hairloss/keep my status.
I tried Minoxidil last year for about 3 months, but I suffered from sides like headache and the alcohol/PPG in it caused scalp-troubles.

I’ve already read a few articles and posts in various forums about topical Spiro and Flutamide, which may be able to help me decreasing the hairlossrate.

Now I can’t decide which one to choose:

arguments for spiro (compared to fluta):

  • there is a cream available (Dr. Lee), which means it’s not so likely to suffer from scalp irritation
  • there aren’t many reports about systemical side-effects
  • it seems to be a little bit cheaper

arguments for flutamide:

  • it’s a stronger anti-androgen (at least oral taken)
  • it has no smell (although the spiro-cream of Dr. Lee is called “oderless”, I’ve read that it still causes bad breath/sweat?!)

As it seems, that some of you are real experts with not only theoretical experience, I’d like to ask whether you would decide?

I’d also appreciate any comments on my arguments (are they all right?)!

Has anyone of you had success with one of these topicals?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Best regards,


  1. Minox is a big help. If 2ml of 2% minox hurt your scalp, try 1ml or even 1/2 ml of 5% minox. This way, the irritation problem, at least may be avoided.
  2. I am a Norwood 2-2.5 like you. Last year I tried 5% spiro cream (home made). It was a real catastropha. 250 hairs a day for three months. I 've never tried Flutamide.
    3)100-150 hairs a day is a quite normal rate. Many on this site will boast desultory figures (20, 10,…0 hairs a day) but they always come back 3 months later shouting “shedding like crazy”. I’ve personally been shedding an average 180 hairs a day over the past 7 months and can not see a difference in the way my “cover” looks. But I include in this all kinds of hair: terminal + vellus as I find them in my comb or my shower sink . And the proportion of these vellus hairs is far from negligible.


Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately Minox was a “nightmare” for me. It caused me even eye-problems and a massive shedding, although I am not a “sensitive guy” (no sides from proscar).

In Germany a few guys had good experiences with Fluta, that’s why I think I’ll give it a try!

Does anybody know another source than Genhair for Flutamide?

Thanks a lot & best regards,