FDA's compassionate use program for early use of hair loss medicines

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, well a few years ago in the previous version of Hairsite I recommended that we should try getting the FDA to allow early access to hair loss medicines on the basis of a program called the “Compassionate Use” program. I was attacked mercilessly for this idea. A poster named Hairman led the attack. He said it was a delusional idea and he ridiculed me and got almost every other poster at the former Hairsite website to attack me over my alleged stupidity and insanity.

It appears that some company is now trying to use the UK version of America’s “Compassionate Use” program to use hair loss treatments early.

Practically the entire site, lead by Hairman, dogged me night and day over my idea to try this and now it appears that a company is acting on this very idea that I suggested. It also appears that one of the guys involved in the company contemplated trying to do this in the USA or UK, and opted for the UK. He may have felt it would be easier to get it passed in UK than the USA, but the point is that they considered trying to do this in the USA.

It appears that my thinking way back then was prescient and smart, and it was the people who attacked me, which was almost the entire site, who were STUPID.

I want everyone here to know that I told you so.

Everybody is doing their trials outside the United States. The excessive regulations in this country is killing our competitiveness and making it more difficult for Americans to receive new treatments for hair loss.

HairClone isn’t doing trials. They’re skipping trials. They’re using the UK version of the American Compassionate Use Program to give people cell based hair treatments without going through trials.

I personally think their treatments won’t work because I don’t think the inductivity problem is solved yet so the cells could lose their inductivity during mass pass culture. But science is getting close to solving that problem so maybe science will solve that problem soon and HairClone can start incorporating that new technology into their mass pass culture design. And they could skip clinical trials so we could get it quickly.

I think you’re right Jarjar. This is like the UK equivalent of the Compassionate Use program.

Do you remember a few years ago when I suggested we should pursue this possibility and Hairman led attacks against me for months on end? Do you remember that Hairsite even banned me multiple times for defending myself against those stupid attacks? And now some company is trying the exact strategy I was suggesting.

80% - 90% of the site ridiculed me in very ugly possible attack posts because I suggested we should try this. I was called stupid and delusional over this so many times I thought “stupid and delusional” was my name. Hairsite allowed these dogs to make those attacks against me and even repeatedly banned me for defending myself against those attacks.

YOU were NOT part of those imbecilic attacks against me and I appreciate that. You always keep an open mind and that’s commendable.

Why are you so obsessed with being RIGHT?

If you were here when 90% of this site dogged me for months when I suggested this very idea you would know that they were also determined to make their point that they were right. I’m no different from them except that I’m much more civil in the way I’m saying “I told you so”.

They posted a lot of ugly and filthy attack posts. And it was almost all of them.

Hairsite failed miserably by allowing those filthy imbecilic attacks against me and even banning me FOR BEING RIGHT. Is that wild or what - ban a poster for coming up with a good idea. LOL!

If you were banned how come you are still able to post?

I think Hairsite knew it was wrong when it banned me. If they didn’t know it then they should now since my allegedly stupid idea is being attempted by a company right now. Or maybe since the site is reorganized they decided to let bygones be bygones. I don’t really know why I’m not banned anymore.

But I do know that I was banned repeatedly for defending myself against a barrage of filthy attacks by 90% of the site. I know that the attacks went on for months. I know that Hairsite allowed those other posters to attack me and Hairsite banned me for defending myself. I also know that I turned out to be right.

You would have had to see it to believe it. There were dozens of attacks against me every day. And some of them were disgustingly filthy. It went on for months…maybe a year. It happened because Hairman was annoyed at me because he thought my idea of using the Compassionate Use Program to speed up delivery of hair loss medicines was imbecilic. He attacked me for my alleged stupidity, I attacked him back, and other posters essentially sided with him because they also thought it was stupid to think the government would apply the compassionate use program to hair loss.