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Factors to Consider Before Hair Transplant


Hairs are very important factor in the personality of a person as your appearance and style boost your confidence. Without hairs there are ample amount of chances that a person can loose his confidence.

But every problem has a solution and hair transplant is the best way to gain that confidence back. But it is very necessary to consider some factors before hair transplant which are-

  1. Mental instability: In most the cases person looses hair because of huge stress and mental instability. So if you have such problem go to the psychiatrist for your treatment. But if their is no recovery than go for hair transplant.
  2. Medical History: Before going for the surgery discuss your medical history with the surgeon as it may be possible that your hair fall is happening because of consumption of some regular type of medicine which can be cured before or after the surgery.
  3. Reason behind the hairfall: You should be aware about the reason behind the hairfall. Is you are using any type of harmful shampoo,oil or any other gel.
  4. Don’t expect much: It is good to have expectations from the surgery but too much expectations will not be viable in this case because it takes time for replanted hair to grow. So you should be patient enough to grow and get your looks back as a smart and good looking.
  5. Capabilities of surgeon: Before going for the surgery it is very necessary to inspect some information about the qualifications and previous experiences of the doctor and also check the capabilities of the medical staff assisting to the surgeon.
  6. Price Involved: Any operation or any surgery requires money which may be a huge concern to look for so it is advisable for all to not to compromise with the quality in the surgery as it is a life time decision for any person so think wisely before taking decision.
  7. Best hospital for the treatment: After surgery proper care is very necessary for the fast recovery.
  8. Precautions before and after surgery: Your body needs continuous care before and after surgery as you have done some artificial changes in it so consult with your doctor to take proper precautions from certain things.

So be the best of yourself and go for hair transplant but with proper care and precautions and be hopeful for better looks.


Don’t get a transplant before you are 30. You need to have a good idea of how extensive your hair loss will be before starting down the road to surgery.


I agree with Fordham. I made this mistake myself. I also believe that it is vital to let one’s hair loss pattern fully manifest themselves before having a procedure. When this happens it enables one to plan a surgery and/or surgeries accordingly to maximize their results.

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