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Experience After Getting Hair Transplantation Procedure In DR A\'s Clini


Hi friends,

This is sai kumar from chennai, iam also one of the victims of bald head, because of which i spend many
nights withoutsleeping and also i lost my confidence. but now i can proudly lift my head it is because of
just DR A’s clinic doctor Aravind poswal which is located in delhi. when i decided to undergo hairtransplantation
first i discussed with my parents but they rejected my decision because of false opinions on hair transplantation
and also how much it is safe, atlast i convinced them with the help of my uncle. Then i jumped into the
action plan starting with the searching of doctors, we planned to search in google there we found
DR A’S clinic one among the list of doctors displayed. we started reading all the patients blogs and forums
who has undergone hair transplantation in various clinics displayed in the website, finally we decided
DR A’s clinic is the best among them because of the ex patients proven results of DR A’s clinic displayed
in their website and the experience of the patients, this is the main reason why iam also sharing my experience
with all you because choosing a good doctor especially for this type of cosmetic treatments is very important which
involves lots of money. After choosing DR A’s clinic we contacted them throuh phone then they suggested me to send the
clear photos of my head portion in all the directions like front, back, crown area and sides, This is very important for
them to analyse how many grafts required for us to start the procedure. I send my photos then they replied that i
require 4000 grafts. Then my parents arranged the money and we went to new delhi.

      First day we went to DR A's clinic, the way they received the patients is amazing

and we will get 50% confidence there itself by talking with the doctors. they explained us the procedure and we left
for the day. on the second day (May 13th 2008) the procedure (stich methos) started with a team of 3 to 4 doctors.
it went for 4-5 hours after that they tied a bandage to my head and we left to the hotel. on the third day they asked to
come for the removal of the bandage and on the same day we left to chennai.

               After hair Transplantation procedure i was in a dilemma whether i will get my hair back like others who 

had undergone hair transplantation procedure in A’s clinic.
After completion of 6 month i started regaining back my confidence little bit because of the
results i observed on my head and at the end of 13 month i got my hair in full fledged and from there i didn’t turned
back for anything. now i can proudly go to any where it is just because of DR A’s clinic and team of doctors there
especially DR Aravind poswal, Iam very thank ful to him till my end of life becuase spending money is not important,
important is whether we got the best result for what we spend is ultimate. So fiends before concluding,
i suggest u all to choose a good doctor like me and why dont it be DR A’s clinic, friends definetely one day u will
also share your experience like me in this website, i will assure you bye…


it will be great if u post pics with your story!!