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Embryonic state


i was thinking the best solution would be your body growin hair on its own… which we all agree on and this is what follica is doing… but i was also thinking how can we trick the body to act as if it was at an embryonic state.

then i thought if they can some how reset or reboot this system somehow it would then act as if it were starting from scratch the very frist time. its like when u reformat your computer to delete all the junk(formating is deleting and resinstalling windows.) im sure it would be complex becuase if they were to ever accomplish this the body would need alot of nutrients to beginig developing(as a fetus would.) but then it could also be complicated becuase u wouldnt want extra feet or hands lol.

so the real question is do u think they can focuse on setting off specific embryonic functions? do u think its possible? this would be infact replacing dermabrasing. it would be a much more natural process and very very good results as a young child would have. if it would work this wouldnt just benefit hair but think of all the other medical possibilities of this technology.