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Email received today for me… ACELL GREAT NEWS


We posted another article about research into wound healing and how it’s led to the testing and use of growth proteins for follicular regeneration. You can read it at…


This is amazing stuff. I know everyone wants a magic potion that just instantly sprouts new hair like a Chia Pet (myself included!), but that is going to take time, no doubt. What the latest research seems to be showing, however, and for the first time, is that it’s possible to actually regenerate hair follicles and coax them into producing new hair again.

This is HUGE. The problem is that, when you’re totally 100% bald like me, you have a lot of real estate to cover. One hair here, a new hair there, yet another hair over there, even a dozen hairs over there… doesn’t look like much. So cynics say growth proteins don’t work.

But I believe the research is going in this direction, toward follicular regeneration. In the meantime, if you want fast results then your only realistic choice is a full-on hair transplant… and, for someone like me, that’s not an option. I would rather try to regrow hair naturally, even slowly, than go through the whole transplant process. But that’s just me.


Iam really happy for you that everthing seems to be bright. And i agree RIGHT NOW the only option is a FULL HT but with Acell treatment additionally


this is a youtube video of the Cygenx Advanced Hair Complex.

Im not sure what to think of it,





This product was advertised on hair loss boards about 2 years ago and it DID NOT work AT ALL! NOBODY who purchased the product (which was quite expensive) got ANY results!

There is no scientific basis for this product, and they are using Cotsarelis’s discovery to make it appear as if their research has merit. It does not.


I suspected the same