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Edmonton Hair Transplant Treatment

How much does a hair transplant cost in Edmonton?

Hair Transplant Surgery costs are not covered by either the Canadian or European government health plans, thus it is vital individuals are briefed about the potential costs prior to consultation. The cost of hair transplants depend on the procedure used, and the number of grafts done. Dr. Sharma performs the procedures manually in order to ensure the most natural look possible. Hair transplant procedures generally start at $8000. (For UK hair transplant prices please contact our London office).

What can you expect from the hair transplant process?

At our hair transplant clinic, we first schedule a comprehensive consultation, examination, and history. If you are found suitable, Dr. Sharma can identify the techniques that will suit your needs individually. Budget, hairline and the number of grafts needed are all taken into account to give you the best value possible.

Dr. Sharma will go over all the details of the hair transplant surgery, including healing times, additional treatments, and medications during this consultation. Hair transplant surgical techniques do not require a general anesthetic. A local anesthetic block is used which is very comfortable and allows the patient to watch a movie is they so wish during the procedure. A gourmet lunch and dinner menu are provided for all patients and dietary requirements are always accommodated. Dr. Sharma uses a special fluid placed under the scalp during the hair transplant surgery to promote healing times and also ensure the patient experiences little or no swelling post procedure. For most patients, they can return to work in 48 hours and resume normal activities such as sports within seven days. Patients seldom require anything stronger than a simple analgesic such as Advil post procedure. Dr. Sharma will always consult with the patient the day following the surgery, and ensure they are sent home with full after-care instructions, contact telephone numbers for the clinic (24 hours per day for the first three days post-surgery). Patients are then followed up personally by Dr. Sharma himself. Please note, as per the high standards stipulated for membership to the [International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery], Dr. Sharma always performs every part of the hair transplant surgery himself, and never contracts any aspect of the surgery out to external personnel.