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E-Mail about Acell to Send to HT Doctors



Here is a copy of the e-mail that I would like to send to as many HT doctors as possible. I think that we should all come up with one to send. Feel free to add suggestions / changes so we can come up with a finalized product to send. I would appreciate your help in developing the best e-mail to send to the doctors and also your help in sending the e-mail to as many doctors as possible. Once we have a finalized version, I will forward it to Acell to make sure that there is nothing in it that is out of line (before sending it to hair transplant doctors).

P.S. Check the e-mail for spacing before you send it. When I copy and paste it to this site, it changed the spacing.


Here is the E-Mail:

Dear Dr.(Doctor’s Name)

With the extensive demand placed upon medical professionals today, I’m sure that it is difficult to keep up with the advancing technology in medical field. With companies such as Intercytex and Anderans working on hair multiplication and hair transplant doctors refining techniques in their field, it seems that the field of hair restoration is advancing at at rapid pace.

I follow progress in the field on a website called “Hairsite”. The link to this site is http://www.hairsite.com/. This site has over 1300 members and many informed members post there often, sharing information about any new advances they have learned about reguarding the field of hair restoration. Many hair transplant doctors post there also.

Over a year ago, a forum member posted some information about a company called Acell. This company has developed a product called an extracellular matrix that is amazing in it’s capabilities to regenerate tissue. It has been used extensively in vet. medicine for wound care but has been held back over the past few years from being released for human usage (due to legal battles over the rights to the product). This week, the product is being released for human use and a few shipments have already been sent to various doctors.

It is my hope (and the hopes of the members of the Hairsite Forum) that the Acell extracellular matrix can improve the outcome of a hair transplant procedure. In previous cases (performed in vet. medicine) the Acell material not only regenerated the skin tissue of a wounded animal, but also REGENERATED THE HAIR in the wounded area. If this can be replicated in humans, it would solve the limiting factor of donor hair in reguards to a hair transplant. That is, the doctor could perform a conventional hair transplant, apply the Acell extracellular matrix to the wound (rather that stitching it up) and allow the tissue AND HAIR to regenerate thus providing a LIMITLESS DONOR SUPPLY. If this does prove to be the case with humans, hair transplant doctors can finally provide the full head of hair that their patients seek.

Here is a link to the company:


Here is a great video to watch:


Here are some pictures of tissue regeneration (WITH HAIR):







What’s even more exciting is the fact that this product is already on the
market. I believe that there is a need for someone to bridge the gap between this technology and the HT community. I hope you can start that trend.

Your Name