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Duasteride, CPA



I decided to ask on this board because so few women take Fin/Duas.

I started a birth control pill with the anti androgen CPA in it 6 months ago. I noticed it was worsening by the month, this started about 3 months into it. Not shedding, just thinning…

I started finasteride 3 months ago with no sides at all, then switched to Duasteride a week before the 2 months mark. I started shedding about a week later. MY hair continues to thin by the month in the FRONTAL MIDDLE area of my part and also my partline. I am having more shed than normal but its not an alarming number…I maybe shed 150/day.

Should I quit the meds or stick to them? I hear a lot of people say stick to it for a year and others say quit.


Finasteride/ dutasteride are not approved by FDA for treating hair loss in women.

Finasteride or dutasteride should be taken for at least 3 months to see good effects. If it does not work by 12 months no further treatment is likely to be of any help.