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So Benji you stick to the theory that we must take black tea and avoid green tea. Can pills do the trick?

» So Benji you stick to the theory that we must take black tea and avoid
» green tea. Can pills do the trick?

If the pharmacology of black tea and green tea is roughly the same in humans as these groups of mice, then it would seem that drinking a couple of BREWED, not intsant, 8 oz glasses of black tea a day would reduce DHT in the blood stream and not increase it as green tea did. HOWEVER, its important to note that there may be perfecty understandable reasons that serum dht was up 194% with green tea usage, mainly that its ECGC is an alpha five type one inhibitor and that it might inhibit or block a percentage of receptor sites, keeping dht from “binding” to them, thus more of it is stuck floating around the blood stream and detected in the tests. Drinking some of BOTH would probably be the best thing for hair if someone is not on finasteride. However, perhaps the mice results dont translate to us (but they seemingly would). Topically, green tea would appear to be quite useful if flank organ results translate to humans and Liang and Lao did mention that topical ecgc did reduce sebum secretion on human subjects. ECGC is a prostalgandin d2 inhibitor also, and that is beneficial (Costarialis latest patent)

My addy is to take finasteride if you dont get sides from it…but it is interesting.

You could find out for sure though if you wanted to. All you need to is to go get your dht levels checked, drink homemade brewed black tea for a few days and go recheck your serum DHT. If its reduced by 65% or so…then we have a winner. It would take one man to do this.

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