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Dr. Woods - Marky: repair using 500 nape hair, 500 body hair

Marky had FLAP and SCALP REDUCTION procedures done before which left him severely scarred with depleted donor.

Repair by Dr Ray Woods using 500 nape hair and 500 body hair.

Marky’s video, click play

The following is copied from Marky’s post at

"Previously to seeing Doctor Woods, I had had several ‘scalp reduction’ procedures and a front ‘flap’ of hair used to recreate my front hairline.

The result wasn’t great (although I’ve seen photographs of far worse). Essentially I ended up with a ‘patchwork quilt’ sort of look with areas of hair surrounded by bald areas and scar tissue that only ever looked natural with a lot of careful camouflaging and grooming.

Not satisfied with the result I read about the woods technique, and the fact that body hair could be used as a donor source (which was necessary in my case - my donor areas were pretty much depleted).

I had two procedures totaling 1000 grafts performed in May 2007 by Dr. Woods, 500 grafts from the nape of my neck and 500 from my chest. The first 500 were used to thicken up the thin areas of the front flap as well as hide the scar running horizontally across the top of my forehead as a result of the flap. The other 500 were used to ‘normalize’ the density of hair behind the flap. Throughout the body hair procedure I was offered the opportunity to watch the grafts seeing removed and planted on a video screen which I took advantage of. It was clear to me that the grafts were removed with great care and precision, and that the transection rate was very low (about 5 of the 200 I watched being removed).

The results were excellent. Each procedure of 500 grafts takes Dr Woods about 8 hours to complete. But based on the results I would have to say that it looks to me like the vast majority of the transplanted hairs grew. And that was noticeable to me by the end of November 2007. I shudder when I hear about some of the supposed ‘mega-sessions’ i.e. 20,000 grafts and it does not surprise me that a lot these transplanted grafts did not grow. " - Marky

Dr. Woods is the inventor of FUE and BHT procedures. For more patient results, go to www.thewoodstechnique.com

I know what you are saying, I am always skpetical about those ‘mega-sessions’. People spent so much money to get so little hair and they still look bald and unnatural in the after photos.

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