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Dr. Wong 7111 Grafts/ 2 Sessions/FUT/ 27 and 15 Months Post Op


This local patient in his early 40’s first came to see Dr. Wong for a consultation in 2007. He used Finasteride for brief periods of time but not consistently which was evident when he came back 5 years later in 2012 after further hair loss. He decided it was time to pull the trigger on a hair restoration procedure. By rebuilding his hairline and adding density front to back where needed, his first surgery resulted in a significant cosmetic improvement using 4597 grafts: 1696 1’s, 2685 2’s , 216 3-4’s.

One year after the date of his first surgery, he opted for a second surgery to increase density in the hairline and crown adding 2514 grafts: 1077 1’s, 1396 2’s, 41 3-4’s. This result is 27 months after the first procedure and 15 months after the 2nd.