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Dr. Wong 5169 Grafts/ 6 Months Post Op/ FUT/ 1 Session


This patient in his 30’s traveled to see Dr Wong and his team from Argentina with the goal of restoring his frontal area and mid scalp. Dr Wong was able to extract 5169 grafts and establish an appropriate hairline to frame the patients face and give coverage not just through the mid scalp but over the entire balding area.

With careful planning and placement Dr Wong was able to exceed the patients goals by providing full coverage.

The patient sent us these photos which represent his progress at just over 6 months. He provided us with two different shots from the front. The first showing his hairline with the hair brushed up and the second brushed forward to demonstrate that he now has some options when it comes to wearing his hair.

We hope the patient will be supplying us with some more angles which we will post when we have them. He was taking Finasteride prior to the surgery. His graft breakdown is below.

1862 - single hair grafts
3230 - double hair grafts
257 - 3/4 hair grafts

Length of strip 30cm x 1.6 - 1.7 cm wide


Top View as promised