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Dr. Wong 4442 Grafts/ FUT/ 2 Sessions 10 months post op 2nd session


This patient from the UK and very local to myself had 2803 grafts from Dr Wong to address the front and mid scalp at the end of January 2013. He was very happy with the outcome and his 10 month results can be seen here

Dr Wong 2803 Grafts 10 months

He decided at that time due to the success of the first procedure he would like to address the crown and tweak the hairline in a next session and started loosening his scalp to prepare for surgery. He returned to Vancouver mid March last year where Dr Wong was transplanted 1639 grafts into his crown, tweak the hairline and some temple point work . I followed up with this patient at his house at the start of January this year and these photos represent his progress so far at just under 10 months since his second surgery.

I have included a photo of his scar that has healed very well after 2 sessions.


I’m happy to see this result as the patient was such a nice fellow when I met him. I’m sure he’s thrilled and excellent work by Dr. Wong as always.