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Dr. Wong 2620 Grafts/ 1 Session/ 30 Months/ FUT


This patient in his early 60’s came to see Dr Wong with a view to gaining as much coverage as possible in one session to address all areas of his scalp. On inspection of his donor it was found to be a little limited in terms of the number of grafts that Dr Wong would be able to harvest.

Despite the limited numbers Dr Wong was able use these grafts to great effect and build a new mature hairline to better frame his face, add greater density through the mid scalp and create a natural swirl into his crown to provide the full coverage he was looking for.

With careful planning and placement Dr Wong was able to give remarkable coverage which resulted in an excellent cosmetic improvement using just 2620 grafts.

The patient is taking medication to maintain his native hair.

1405 Single hair grafts
1192 Two hair grafts
23 3/4 hair grafts


Nice transformation for that amount of grafts and I always like seeing more senior patients have surgery but I bet they wish they had done it earlier. He certainly looks trendy now!