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Dr. Victor Hasson FUHT Strip 3438 grafts Norwood 4


Dr. Victor Hasson (Hasson & Wong) FUHT Strip hair transplant.

Norwood 4 patient
Frontal , crown and mid scalp restoration
FUHT strip technique
3438 grafts
1 session.

This patient had work done at another clinic before going to Dr. Hasson. Below is the transformation after receiving 3438 grafts strip procedure restoring the patient’s frontal hairline, mid-scalp and crown. All it took was 1 session.

Hasson & Wong’s results are widely considered world class by any standards. They are a sponsor of HairSite and is presently a top ranked hair clinic on HairSite according to our patient result statistics. Hasson & Wong offers both FUE and Strip techniques and has over 13 years of uninterrupted patient records on HairSite.

For more info, email info@hassonandwong.com or call 1–800–859–2266 or (604) 739-4247. Free no cost, no fee in-person consultations in cities across US, Canada and Europe every month. For more info, go to http://hairsite.com/free-hair-transplant-consultations/