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Dr., Umar 3000 BHT (Beard) hair grafts 17 months update


Here are some videos I took of now 17 months after having another procedure with Dr. Umar in which this time I had 3000 beard hair graphs placed into the crown and top center area of my head.

I took these videos myself as I held the camera. The videos were taken under bright light. The first two are with wet hair and the second two are with dry hair.





The following 2 photos are some before shots, and although I realize they are not the best of quality they are all I have; even so, you can still see the degree of balding present in them.

Remember that in this most recent surgery of January of 2009 the grafts were beard hair grafts, and you are not going to get the same density and coverage as 3000 head hair grafts would have been.

I plan to do more work with Dr. Umar in the near future to improve the middle part of my hairline and the area just behind it. I will be using all head hair the next time around.


good honest representation…like the way u lay it all down in videos!!!


» good honest representation…like the way u lay it all down in videos!!!

Thanks bro. I’ve always put forth honest and equal photos which many of the shills who post here for their clinics do not do so.

The original videos were much larger, but when they were converted to the proper format for posting on the forum it seems they were decreased in size.

Despite some of the shills photographs posted on this and other forums very few results in person are going to give a person a head of hair back that will be as if he never started to lose any to begin with; unless perhaps it’s the head of a 20 year old with very very limited balding.

With most people it’s just not the case. The sunlight is a killer for many hair transplant patients, and I wonder if the novice really understands how unbelievably deceiving photographs of after results can be—especially when they are not the same equality of the before photos.

I could have taken my after photographs at differing angles than the before photos, darker lighting, wet before then dry after, etc, and it would have made result look much fuller than it is in person. But I didn’t.

It’s evident my hair in my once bald area is not as if I had never started to lose any to begin with, and it could always use some more density as far as I’m concerned; but, I have had a nice improvement especially considering I didn’t use head hair last time.

The way I view my situation is thais it is better than it was a year and a half ago, and it is certainly noticeably better than it would have been had I done nothing at all.

To me one of the biggest farces of all time is Elton John’s “portrayed” HT results. If you do some research, to me, I do not believe there is any way possible that with his degree of hair loss he would have been able to obtain the results that are portrayed to be. It has been claimed in some readings that he restored his hair to a full head from hair transplant surgeries.

My take is that he had some HT work combined with still using a partial hair piece. There is simply NO way to restore a head of hair as some of the photos you see on forums “portray” when a person had the degree of balding that he did----I don’t care how much money he has to put into it. There is no way.

To the ignorant and the novice, however, they may very well be convinced.

Those are the types that some of these shills and their clinics prey upon. I certainly know of one down in FL.

Thanks for your comments brother.




is your beard color a shade lighter than your hair color??..not that there is a lot of contrast,infact its blending in nice IMO ,but was wondering!!!



yes my beard hair does have a redish tone to it. Someone else noted this on another board also.

Thank you for your comments.