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Dr.Teresa Meyer, BHR Clinic, 3010 FUT, 0 - 12 Months


Patient is 61 years old.

No medication used.

Donor density 70 FUs/cm, fine hair.

Patient goal was to cover as much as possible in one surgery so We spread placement as much as possible to still give the illusion of coverage and to get back as far as possible.



Post op



Combover, by definition, conceals.


Thank you for the comment.

The patient will be back in the clinic for more surgery to address the mid to rear section via Strip again and we will be happy to take more photos with different angles and styles.

The patient is 62 now and this is how he wears his hair, so although granted not the best style for forums as such, this is his personal style and probably with age is also fitting for him. That said we will update as and when he returns.