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Dr. Robert M. Bernstein / Norwood Class 5 / 3 Sessions / 4,366 Grafts


Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration Patient IHR is a Norwood Class 5, with dark brown, wavy, medium fine hair and a donor density of 2.0. Because of the patient’s tight scalp, the hair restoration was performed over three sessions. Results after three follicular unit hair transplant sessions totaling 4,366 grafts.

Before / After

Before Hair Transplant

After Hair Transplant

Detail of Hairline

Hairline position and evolution of restoration close-up.

Position of Planned Hairline

After 2nd Hair Transplant Session

After 3rd Hair Transplant Session

Change in Appearance

Appearance of patient after second and third sessions. Three sessions were needed because the patient’s tight scalp limited the amount of donor hair that could be removed at one time. FUE will can be useful if additional sessions are desired.

Before Hair Transplant

After 2nd Hair Transplant Session

Top View

Top view of patient after three sessions.

Before Hair Transplant - Top View

After 3rd Hair Transplant Session - Top View

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