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Dr Ray Woods "Mario" 4000 BHT/FUE Before&After

“Mario” 3 months post op. 4000 Grafts (2500 Donor Hair, 1500 Chest Hair)


I would prefer a 720p video quality, but yes, the yield again looks really great :ok:

Amazing work on a true slick bald Norwood 6.

Everyone must understand, that this result at 12 weeks is not typical.

Most patients shed after a few weeks and regrowth starts at about 12 weeks.

I was shocked when I saw him. I thought he had topic or some concealer on his scalp making it so dark.

But no, it was all sprouting hair and established hair.

If you look carefully, you see the donor at the front half has grown longer than the body hair on the crown. That is typical, but still rapid growth. The body hair will catch up.

Because I will not see this guy for some time, I took the opportunity to film now.

Dr Ray Woods

Excellent result. Well done.

I am impressed, even the crown is included.

Extremely poor quality video.

As it is standard in the HT world the after pics/video are almost completely dark.

Shame of the doctors providing this sh#tty documentation.

The patient dropped in unexpected, and the room where I do all filming was occupied.
I agree the after video could have been better and this will be done in a few weeks hopefully.
But it aint that bad and does portray the reality.

In fact, I think that I am the only one who refuses to use still photos to show results, as they are most open to manipulation and fudging…yet appears to be the HT industry standard…in a world where young children send HD VIDEO to each other in kindergarten…Still photos are one one step above getting a “portrait” painted of your result.
how many selfies do you take, carefully choosing the most flattering before sending ??

It seems bugler can’t find his bugle when it really matters.

As far as this video, try pausing regularly at about the 1 minute mark, specifically, 1.08 . Clear stills in the video are there.

A better video is on its way as soon as I can get the patient back.

Dr Ray Woods

I think this is a miracle already that he has so much regrowth after only 3 months, I can’t wait to see what his hair looks like after a year.

The after video was taken in my consult room.
The wall colour is darker.

But compare the brightness and colour of his forehead in the before and after video.
Yes. The after video is darker, but not much.

What throws everyone, including me, is how dark his scalp looks. Its not a lighting trick. That appearance is from hair. And I repeat. This is NOT a standard 3 month result. It is one of the best 3 month results I have ever seen from anyone ever.
If that is disputed, please show VIDEO, and NOT before and after pics.

I accept fair criticism of this presentation, but it is still worth presenting.

And some may remember that many years ago I formed an acronymn to help people assess photo before and afters…that is, L.A.S.E.R

STYLING of hair in after shots
EXPOSURE of lense , filters etc
REPETITION. always question when the same shots, with only miniscule changes are shown over and over again. That is a simple form of hypnotically making you think much more happened than actually did.

Dr Ray Woods

Last night I was told that the last ever episode of south park was about people manipulating and photoshopping their own and other peoples appearance, to the point that the deception becomes a perverse reality.

Interesting, and how coincidental.

One of the most common video tricks is to distract from the reality by some dude talking excessively, short unrelated or insignificant out takes, like walking down the street, skiing down a mountain, or having a shower, all from a distance.
And very little real close up focus and detailed scrutiny on the actual result…or justification for the number of grafts quoted

All this peripheral stuff may or may not be interesting, but without real examination of the result, its just smoke and mirrors.

Dr Ray Woods

Dr. Woods seems to have quite an obsession with American culture and politics :slight_smile:

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by damraak[/postedby]
Dr. Woods seems to have quite an obsession with American culture and politics :)[/quote]

Well, thats because the US political system…that is, government, calls the shots down here, and in countless other countries. We have countless TOP SECRET US BASES and increasing troop numbers doing SECRET STUFF

And Wall Street “owns” the government…check the Academy award winning INSIDE JOB "narrated by the brave Matt Damon…in Australia, almost everyone was robbed…as well as in most other countries and it was not an accident. It was planned

And Wall Street is “owned”, and or influenced, by the banking oligarchs

How far down the " hairy hole" do you want to go…??

now that sounds like a good south park episode, but sadly, its over

DISCLAIMER, these are simply my humble opinions, to which I am entitled…for now.

Dr Ray Woods

ps mario looks good

Dr. Woods do you know why he is getting such amazing results in only 3 months? Can this be duplicated for other patients?

yup…I’ve been wondering about that to…

He does have an unbelievably beautiful hot gorgeous wife who abides to traditional values…

apart from that…nope …I got nuttin.

He is fond of all things sea food and is a keen fisherman.

seriously, life is a bell curve. He just happened to be at the far right of the wedge.

But don’t despair.

If the follicles were not damaged in removal.

And if they were not damaged during insertion , then most will catch up soon

Dr Ray Woods

Is he stuck with the short buzz cut? Can he grow his hair long without looking unnatural or like a combover?

He will be able to grow his hair longer.

I expect a few more inches at least and he will still look good.

I don’t think he will qualify for a big hair 80s power rock band, but please keep it in perspective.

It is 4000 grafts on a nw6…

Dr Ray Woods

It’s been awhile since I posted. Great to see your latest work. Good job!!!

A lot has happened , old friend, to all of us. But we are still here

Its just a post, but I hear your voice, and I wish you and family well


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