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Dr. Rahal, 626 graft FUE on a Norwood 2, 12 mos. post-op


Dr. Rahal / 626 graft FUE / Norwood 2 / 12 mos. post-op

This 30-year-old patient came to us with a problem: The left side of his hairline was youthful, while the right side was receding upwards and off-axis, with some recession resembling a Norwood 2. He felt uncomfortable with the asymmetry and imbalance this “invisible cowlick” gave his hairline.

He chose Dr. Rahal for his hairline design, and Rahal FUE™ for the harvesting technique. He received 626 grafts to his hairline to fill it out, and was so satisfied with the results he opted for a second procedure to thicken out the hairline overall.