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Dr. Rahal- 2862- FUE

36 year old patient came in to restore hairline and front. Dr Rahal, designed an age appropriate hairline and filled in the receding area.

The density at 39 grafts/cm that can be increased if needed in future surgeries.

Surgery Type: FUE

Recipient Area Treated - 72cm

Zones Treated - 1 to 3

Grafts Transplanted 2862 grafts

Recipient Graft Density - 39 grafts/cm

Recipient Hair Density - 84 hairs/cm

Graft Breakdown:

Single Hairs - 411 grafts

Two Hairs - 1753 grafts

Three Hairs - 661 grafts

Four Hairs - 37 grafts

Total Grafts 2862 grafts

Total Hairs 6048 grafts

Hairs per Graft 2.11 hairs/graft

Every transplant doctor should study the graft placement at the front edge of this hairline and ask themselves how does this compare to their best work. Chances are there is no comparison.

This is among the most undetectable, natural hairlines I have ever seen.