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Dr. Nigam, Dr. Israelis, patents, photoshopping, missing website threads .

Dr. Nigam -

Do any of you guys honestly believe that Dr. Nigam didn’t know there were doctored pics on his site? Maybe he instructed it, maybe he just okayed it, maybe he didn’t care - but don’t tell me that he had no idea about it until we brought it to his attention.

The site was supposed to be pics of cases the he personally produced with his own two hands. I think he would have spotted it when the pics on his site looked better than anything he had ever actually done and seen in person.

I do believe that Dr. Nigam wants to produce real repeatable results. But he obviously does not mind using trickery to convince people that he has already done it.

As for the Israelis - too early to tell IMO.

Dr. Nigam can have pics photoshopped, and so could anyone else.

The Israeli docs seem to be legitimate people. So are Washenik, Cotsarelis, Naughton, etc. They have all produced data that had us believing a new treatment was closer than it really was at one time or another. The pics look good and so did the science behind several other attempts.

(“But if they are legitimate researchers then they won’t be using photoshopped pics!” Um, haven’t we spent the last few weeks around here debating the legitimacy of Dr. Nigam, while ALREADY KNOWING there were photoshopped pics on his site? Obviously legit medical credentials and photoshopped pics are not mutually exclusive in our minds, are they? The bottom line is we found out about photoshopped pics of Dr. Nigam and we did not stop considering the possibility that the guy was basically/mainly honest. We might find ourselves doing that again with the Israelis for all we know.)

I am not accusing any of these researchers of anything. I am accusing us of not knowing as much as we believe we can know yet.

As for the patenting and legal issues surrounding the Israeli operation, IMO it’s more of the same - we can’t know anything yet.

We like to talk ourselves up a storm until we think we know a lot about a situation when we really don’t know sh*t. A team effort to speculate about what is happening is still nothing but pure speculation.

Dealing with the laws & patents that apply to situations like this is a profession. In fact it encompasses several professions. By “professions” that means a career where someone studies for years and needs a lot of experience, and usually some full-time assistant help, just to have an adequate understanding of it. I doubt that describes anyone posting on here.

The B_ald T_ruth threads -

The fact that a couple of threads about this topic got pulled off a random MPB website is merely interesting. It does not constitute decent evidence to have an educated guess about what is happening.

You can get threads pulled off Hairsite for merely criticizing the wrong HT doc, and you don’t even have to be telling lies or talking about anything subject to current legal/patent activity.

I am not opposed to hearing continued guessing about what is happening lately. But everyone, please keep in mind that is all it is - guessing.

I’ve made it clear that I believe there’s a chance that Dr. Nigam is telling us the truth. His management style is such that he would turn the photo stuff over to the photographers and trust them to do things right. That’s his management style - he trusts the people he associates with. Occasionally, that can create a problem but a loose management style also has its’ positives. There are negatives and positives to all of the various management styles.

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