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Dr. Lu Le - KROX20 Protein



Sounds exciting but please take this research overseas, don’t let FDA stand in the way.


That’s not exactly a new discovery though:


No disrespect, but after K.Washenik, G.Cotsarelis and so many other American pioneers in this field, I just don’t feel Americans have capacity to beat their counterparts in Asia.


@Otter - don’t know much about KROX20, but it looks like that website you posted is a commercial blog advertising a " A Step-By-Step Program For Hair Regrowth Without Drugs Or Surgeries" – we’ve all heard that one before, eh?

The website and the product are promoted by their owner “Rob” – no last names, please –

“My name is Rob. I’ve spent ten years researching pattern hair loss pathology. In 2014, I founded Perfect Hair Health to share my research (and success) reversing pattern hair loss.”


But the point is: This was posted a year ago, in May 2017, so I don’t know why these researchers in Texas claim it’s a new discovery.


I don’t think Dr. Le is saying it’s a brand new discovery, but the article was dated Feb. 25. I knew the discovery came out last year, but the interview appears to be fairly new, at least, and seems to give a little more info than he gave before.