Dr. Keser Turkish hair transplant clinic - 2800 grafts repair

On May 9, 2009, Dr. Keser performed a hair transplant on this patient to repair previous interventions, employing 2800 grafts FUE. The below pictures are pre-op, post-op and 10 days after. The patient will soon send his 6-months after updated pictures.



10 days post-op

I can’t say I like the risk of this one.

Between the grafting done for this job and the HT work the patient already had, this guy has probably used 3500 of his lifetime grafts at the least.

That’s a whole lot of grafts, to use on an area that small, to create a hairline that low, on a young patient.

the plane in the background is a nice touch to any post-opp picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me? the pics are not loading on my computer.

I can see the pictures without any problems, he looked so much better just after 10 days.

Derma-Plast clinic and Dr. Keser submit this 6 1/2-month update to the case.

Our patient was so happy that his life changed for the better that he sent us his pictures.

wow,like a movie star