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Dr. Keser - Turkey, Ankara - 14.11.2018 - My Hair Transplant








I wouldn’t worry about your progress at 15 weeks post-op. It may be lagging a little bit, but it is around this time, 12-15 weeks, that you should start to see most of the grafts sprouting. I think in 4 more weeks you will have much more noticeable growth. Good luck!


Thank you


Give it more time, you are only 3-4 months post op. Have you contacted your doctor?


You should chill out… the anxiety is not going to help your hair growth.

17 weeks is just 4 months. I have been through the same situation. This is when your growth should really take off.


Update: 4,5 Months


Why did you choose Dr. Keser? What is his price per FUE graft?


He promised me that the transplant hair result would be dense like my existing hair…That’s why I chose him. Per graft 3.5 Euro…


Did Keser give you free hotel with that price? I think 3.5 Euro is high, it seems that the going rate is about 2.5 Euro per graft.

BTW, I think you need to wait a bit longer, I have never heard anyone getting full density in 3 months.


No, 3.5 Euro per Graft was without a hotel. For hotel I paid additionally.

And I’m not in the 3rd Month! I’m now in the 4,5 Month!


At least your hair still looks natural, not like you have plugs all over the recipient site. I think you are a bit impatient though, I never heard anyone who saw full density after 4 months.


Update: 19 WEEKS


Based on the photos, it looks like your temples are thickening slowly , you don’t see or feel the density picking up every week? The last batch of photos definitely show more density IMO.


Update: 5 Months


Update 6 Months


Wow… big difference from 5 months.

For whatever reason, your hair was a bit slow to come in. I bet by 8 months it’s gonna look amazing.


Left-Side 6 Months


Today 6 Months