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Dr. Keser - German patient - 2500 grafts FUE


Dr. Keser presents one of his cases, German patient, 25 years-old, diagnosed with hereditary alopecia. Used Finasteride for 3 months before his transplant but discontinued its use due to lack of results, Minoxidil for 1 month. After his trasplant began using Proscar 0,6 mg.

He received 2500 grafts FUE in January 2012, photos are pre-op, post-op, 3 days after transplant, 9 days and 26 months after transplant.

This same patient had an additional transplant to treat midscalp area in March 2014, the results will be posted soon.

Before transplant

3 days after transplant

At 9 days

At 3 months

Transplant follows its normal development, little growth can be expected at this stage, normally serious growth may start at 3-4 or 5 months.

At 26 months

Pactient provided photos, long ago final results can be observed.