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Dr.keser - 2000 grafts fue low

Dr. Keser and the Derma-Plast Clinic present one of his cases.

German patient, he received 2000 FUE grafts to lower and improve his hairline. The patient uses finasteride, minoxidil, biotin, MSM, and Omega3 fish oil. The patient is completely satisfied with the results at 5.5 months and awaits the final results at 12 months.

Incisions, grafts and extractions all performed by Dr.Keser personally, not by assistants or nurses.

We use only manual extraction.




Wow very cool result. Will keep an eye on Dr. Keser from now on… very good

I visited dr. keser’s website but I couldnt see any photo gallery. Whats up with that?

Turkish law prevents medical clinics from posting photos of their patients.

I can provide you with photos of Dr. Keser’s cases from all the patients who have given permission to post their cases and photos.

Best Regards
Enrique Gonzalez
Dr. Keser Patient Advisor
DermaPlast, Ankara, Turkey

Wait what?? That doesnt sound accurate. I visit Asmed’s website which is a turkish clinic and they post their photos there with no problem.

All of the Turkish clinics have before and afters on their website, e.g. HLC, Asmed, Demirsoy etc. So I do not think there is problem with the Turkish Law.

Exactly. For a clinic to say that means theyre not credible and should be completely avoided.

Hello HairSite members:

Please, ‘not credible and should be completely avoided?’

All of Dr. Keser’s patients who consented to have their photos posted on hair transplant forums are actually posted on many such forums, on various languages, and over many years, including HairSite.

I don’t know if I mention those forums HairSite would object.

Any interested person can contact me and I will provide photos of all cases and their public links on several hair transplant forums.

Enrique Gonzalez
Dr. Keser Patient Advisor
DermaPlast, Ankara, Turkey

Again, other Turkish-based clinics post their photos on their websites except yours. Your unique reasoning for not providing photos on your website doesn’t make sense which motivates a prospective client to be leary of your potential shortcomings as a clinic.

All of Dr. Keser’s cases that patients have granted their permission to post are posted on various international forums. Interested patients can ask Dr. Keser to check all of his cases in his files and he will show them.


Dr. Keser and his Derma-Plast clinic present a 4-year update on this patient.

The patient is completely satisfied with the density and naturalness of his hair 4 years after.


[size=150]4 YEARS AFTER[/size]

For inquiries and appointments
Enrique Gonzalez
Dr. Keser Consultant
Derma-Plast Clinic, Ankara, Turkey
WhatsApp +52 1 777 513 6515

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