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Dr. keser - 1660 grafts fue german patient


Dr. Keser, Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey, presents one of his cases, a German patient,
23 years, he received 1,660 FUE grafts.

At this time the patient is very happy with the treatment he received at the clinic and with the
results of his transplant.

The photos are from before, the transplant, and up to 6 months later.


[size=60]6 DAYS[/size]

[size=60]13 WEEKS[/size]

4.5 MONTHS[/size]

[size=60]6 MONTHS[/size]


Impressive yield. Do you use manual punches? What would you rate the yield as 1600 grafts went a long way with that particular hair texture?

Great work!


Thank you for your interest in this Dr. Keser’s case. Dr. Keser employs manual punches that he himself designed and are manufactured with the most advanced technology, to cause the less trauma possible to his patients and to guarantee the best growth yield.


If you have any questions, or you’re interested in a transplant from Dr. Keser, please send a message to:


Enrique Gonzalez
Dr. Keser’s consultant
Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey