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Dr Kemp what do you think of this article in Cell?


Dr. Kemp, Jarjar, Jamesbond, etc. have you seen this article in the journal Cell -

Nothing new there really, but it does indicate that better results (visible hair growth) were obtained by injecting a “combination of human adult cultured dermal papilla and epithelial cells.”

The article also indicates that this was new hair growth, as opposed to existing miniaturised follicles being enlarged.

As I’ve said before, I think the chances of enlarging existing, miniaturised follicles is probably very low, because only a tiny (perhaps insignificant) fraction of the injected cells ever make their way into the existing follicles. Therefore the only hopeful way of growing hairs in this way is by inducing de novo follicles to grow. The problem with that is, in order to grow brand new follicles, you have to get just the right combination of cells and everything else in place perfectly. Since you’re not relying on the pre-existing infrastructure of follicles that are already there, this will require more advanced tissue engineering than just the simple “injection of DP cells” that Aderans and Intercytex were doing.

That’s just speculation on my part. What do you think of this?


Really interesting article.



@Hairhope4ever What does this have to do with Hair Multiplication research?


@HairSite please do something about Hairhope4ever, his posts are not genuine, he is more about promoting his blog. It is getting annoying.


This study seems to bolster the idea that Aderans and Intercytex weren’t effective enough because DP cells alone are not enough. This study also seems to indicate that epithelial cells are needed for good hair growth results, which makes me feel more hopeful about Tsujis technology.

Also, this study also leaves open the possibility that epithelial cells might be more effective at regrowing hair than DP cells. Research groups such as Intercytex and Aderans have focused mostly on DP cells to regrow lost hair but this study shows that by adding epithelial cells hair growth is superior to DP cells alone. This could be because both cell types (DP cells + epithelial cells) are required to achieve the best results or it could be because epithelial cells are better at regrowing lost hair than DP cells.

This study also makes me wonder how important inductivity really is. Researchers have been hard at work for a decade or more trying to increase inductivity but perhaps all they ever really needed to do to get the desired result was simply to add epithelial cells to their DP cells treatments. It kind of makes me wonder if all of this inductivity talk might be something of a red herring.

It’s also noteworthy that while the cells used in the study were human cells they were injected into mice.


Wonder if the reason these experiments seem to work so well in mice is that mice have more Treg cells present in their skin than do balding people in their scalps?


Perhaps. But they did use human cells. It’s not like were talking about mouse cells injected into mice.