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Dr Kapil Dua - Result of Patient 2200 Grafts With Bio FUE

A 25 year old male presented with the history of hair loss for the past three years. His hair loss had stabilised. He wanted hair transplant. He was counselled for covering the frontal half of the scalp. He opted for the Bio-FUE technique. Around 2200 grafts were planted. We are hereby sharing the results of the patient after two years. The patient is happy and satisfied now with his results.

Pre Op Images

Post Op Images

Result Images

@drkapildua Bio-FUE? never heard of it before.

@Norwood3 Hi… you can read all about Bio-FUE here : https://akclinics.org/hair-transplant/bio-fue/

@drkapildua Very bold statement on your website, care to back up your claims? especially the part that is in bold.

“Bio therapy is based on the concept that human germinative cells have got the ability to regenerate various important structures, especially when they are in the embryonic stage of life. These cells have been used to cure serious medical conditions such as polio, spinal cord injuries and even cancer. The procedure of the therapy is actually not very complicated – live cells are taken out from the body and these cells are then injected into the scalp. The idea is that when these live cells are injected, it will activate the dead cells, leading to natural creation of new hair follicles. Not only will the therapy improve the texture of the hair, it will also boost healing and growth.”

and also

"What are the advantages via Bio-FUE?
Most importantly, the procedure will stimulate the stem cells of the implanted hair. "

Can I just get my hair follicle stem cells activated without getting a FUE surgery?

@QuePasa The stimulation of the stem cells can be done without the surgery as well. This will help the weak hair to gain strength upto 30-40% which will appear as increased density of hair. However, no new hair grow with this technique. If you are having an active hair fall or thin hair, then this therapy may work well.

@drkapildua what you say about stimulating of stem cells, activating dead cells, bio fue, special serum etc etc are all done using platelet rich plasma prp, am I right??

@xbox360 RIGHT you are! It is on their website, platelet rich plasma indeed unless I am mistakened.

It’s a mystery how these clinics come to the conclusion that PRP can activate hair stem cells. It reminds me of good old Dr. Nigam.

Hi dear…I get your point regarding the efficacy of PRP…the improvement is visual as per our clinical experience…and even you all would agree that hair science is very slow and there are not much double blind studies in this subject…but now there are a couple of papers by Dr. Rachita Dhurat and Sukesh from India…and a lot of doctors are doing it all over the world…which is good enough to continue with this therapy…

On a separate note, there might me some points of difference in the therapy or its advantages but it is unfair to compare with someone whose credibility is of question…

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